Sonar is a an innovative psychological assessment web-application designed to measure employee expectations and fulfillment across 15 paired categories, such as fair/unfair and competent/incompetent.



Sonar is a an innovative psychological assessment web-application designed to measure employee expectations and fulfillment across 15 paired categories, such as fair/unfair and competent/incompetent. Through questionnaires and numerical evaluations, it offers a transparent framework for assessing individual workplace performance.

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Reviewers are chosen by an employee and questionnaires are sent, with results compiled into an accessible online report. In the vital Coaching phase, designated coaches work with employees to analyze the report, focusing on both improvements and areas of strength.

1. 🎯 Selection:

Identify reviewers (e.g., colleagues, superiors) and specify participants to be evaluated, ensuring the right focus.

2. πŸ“§ Questionnaire Distribution:

Send out personalized online questionnaires to assess expectations and reality in the work position.

3. πŸ“Š Compilation:

Gather responses, averaging them to form an expectation framework, and compile a comprehensive report of positive and negative traits.

4. 🌐 Online Access:

Provide access to the report through a secure internet-based system, ensuring anonymity and quick responses.

5. 🧠 Analysis:

Designated coaches interpret the report, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas in need of development.

6. πŸš€ Coaching and Development:

Engage in one-on-one coaching sessions with employees to enhance what is done well and improve areas of concern.

7. πŸ” Repetition:

Repeat the process periodically to continually monitor and measure progress and make necessary adjustments in leadership development.


Ease of use
Fast response & results
Guaranteed anonymity
Flexible customization
Progress monitoring
Visual representation of data

Ranking and Investment:

Sonar provides a comprehensive SWOT matrix overview of the group. Each report is delivered through a 2-hour coaching session, with visual tools like heat maps displaying the strengths and weaknesses of the entire group.

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Sonar revolutionizes leadership assessment, transforming soft facts into measurable, actionable insights. Easy to use and widely applicable, it’s an essential tool for organizational growth.


πŸŽ“ How could Sonar be utilized within a university's business program to prepare future leaders?

Sonar could be integrated into leadership development courses, offering students real-world insights into effective leadership, collaboration, and personal growth, better preparing them for success in the corporate world.

πŸ’Ό How could Sonar's methodology transform an underperforming team into a high-impact unit?

By identifying the specific gaps and shortcomings within the team through Sonar's assessment, and engaging in targeted coaching, the team could redefine its objectives, align expectations, and deploy strategies to achieve measurable success.

πŸ” How could a startup leverage Sonar's methodology to quickly identify and resolve hidden bottlenecks in leadership and collaboration?

By quickly assessing and comparing expectations vs. reality across various leadership attributes, a startup could identify discrepancies and implement targeted solutions, accelerating growth and efficiency.

🌍 As an international company with diverse cultural backgrounds, how could Sonar's figure-based results overcome potential misunderstandings or biases?

By translating expectations and behaviors into clear, objective numbers, Sonar eliminates subjective interpretation and offers a common ground for understanding and collaboration across different cultures.

🌑️ What are the two main questions asked in the Sonar questionnaire, and why are they critical?

1) Expectations of the person in the work position, 2) What the person is really like. These help form the expectation framework and reality comparison, leading to insightful reporting.

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