Emmanuel Macron's Presidential Campaign 2022

For France's 2022 presidential election, a unique set of software tools was developed to support President Emmanuel Macron's campaign.

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For France's 2022 presidential election, a unique set of software tools was developed to support President Emmanuel Macron's campaign. This innovative package, crafted by Functu, allowed users to virtually engage with the French political landscape, fostering unity, enlightenment, and youth empowerment.


Engaging the Youth:

Tailored for "Les Jeunes de Macron," an organization targeting the youth, this array of software tools was crafted to stir participation and awareness, transcending the boundaries of traditional political discourse.

Les Jeunes avec Macron

Flip the Votes:

This innovative experience allowed users to virtually assume the role of President Macron. Journeying through renowned French locales such as Paris and Marseille, they engaged in meaningful dialogues with political figures and partook in activities symbolizing unity and enlightenment.

Flip The Votes

Key Features:

🗺️ Interactive Journeys:

Navigate the heart of France, from cultural Parisian streets to the industrious ports of Marseille.

🗣️ Candidate Conversations

Partake in constructive interactions with well-known candidates like Hidalgo and Le Pen.

🧩 Educational Puzzles:

Unite the letters forming the timeless French creed: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.

🌱 Youth Empowerment:

Cultivating the perspectives of the youth, nurturing their roles in future society.

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The collaboration with Functu for President Emmanuel Macron's 2022 campaign symbolized a union of innovation and democratic values. By transforming multifaceted components into a unified concept, this partnership not only enhanced the campaign but stood as an emblem of generational connectivity and the inspiring power of technological innovation.


🎯 What was the primary objective of Functu's software tools during President Emmanuel Macron's 2022 campaign?

To echo the principles of "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" to the nation's youth and engage them in meaningful political discourse.

🧩 What challenges might arise in implementing a technology-driven campaign like this?

Potential challenges could include ensuring accessibility, avoiding technological issues, maintaining relevance to political messages, and engaging diverse audiences.

🗳️ How might other political figures utilize such tools in future campaigns?

By embracing interactive and educational experiences that resonate with their values and principles, catering to specific demographics like the youth.

🤝 How did the collaboration with Functu reflect a common vision with Macron's campaign?

It was more than a technological alliance; Functu transformed the multifaceted campaign components into a unified and promising endeavor, aligning with the principles of the campaign.

💡 What innovations did this campaign introduce in engaging younger voters?

By translating traditional values into interactive experiences, it provided a novel way to connect with the youth and foster their participation in democracy.

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